celebrating 300 years

of new orleans crusine and COCKTAILS

Welcome to the Offical Website of the New Orleans Tricentennial Cookbook which shall feature the over 300 famous New Orleans Recipes for food and drink from chefs, restaurants, home cooks with family recipes, bartenders, celebrities and down-home New Orleans folk.  The New Orleans Tricentennial  Cookbook shall honor the culinary and cocktail history of New Orleans over the past 300 years.  New Orleans was founded in 1718.  In 2018, New Orleans will celebrate it's 300th birthday!  Celebrate with us by enjoying copies of the New Orleans Tricentennial Cookbook.   www.NewOrleansTricentennialcookbook.com.  To learn about the upcoming history book on the New Orleans Tricentennial by author Stephen Rue, please go to www.NewOrleansTricentennial.org

We invite Chefs, Restaurants, Cooks, and Citizens to Submit Favorite New Orleans and Family Recipes . 

Recommend Restaurants and Chefs that have famous New Orleans Dishes or Cocktails


We Invite Bartenders  and Individuals to  submit cocktail recipes.